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10 Years of Service to Guinea Conakry

Action speak louder than words. For the past 10 years we have served our clients and communities with loyal security services. We pledge that your New and Improved Almata Security Corporation will serve you with the same dedication and loyalty.

Residential Security Brigade

Our Residential Security Guards is well trained and equiped to protect your loved ones and possessions.

Business Security Brigade

Our Business Security Guards are well trained and equiped as to protect your business assets 24 hours per day.

Industrial Security Brigade

Our Industrial Security Guards understand the unique challenges that factories and the industrial complex face on a daily basis. 

Medical Security Brigade

Our highly trained and specialised security medical brigade members can be deployed in various facilities to assist your organisation with the monitoring of Covid19, Ebola and other epidemics that is facing Guinea at present.

Event Security Brigade

Our well trained event security specialists are trained to assist you in executing a well organised, safe and professional event.

VIP Brigade

Our VIP Brigade Members are our Elite Brigade. Well trained and equipped as to mitigate and counter any threat. 


Our New Construction Site Security Services include 24 hour guards supported by our Rapid Response Brigade and our Proprietory Drone Surveilance Reporting System.

Construction Site Security Guards

Our Construction Site Security Guards are trained in all aspects of Construction Site Security Disciplines.

Almata Rapid Response Brigade

The Almata Rapid Response Team is always ready to deploy to assist any security breach at your Construction Site. We support and coordinate with The Guinea Police Force and Guinea Defence Force.

Thermal Drone Surveilance

Our new generation thermal drone systems not only covers the darkest corners on your construction site, our proprietory software assist you on keeping an eye on pilverage of your construction materials.


Our New Mining Security Services are designed around your unique security needs you face to do safe and secure mining.

Bespoke Mining Security

We will deploy a dedicated team of highly trained individuals to form your Mine Security Brigade. With a managed risk mitigation strategy.

Bespoke Secure Logistics

We can assist your mining operation with armoured vehicles as well as secure air charters for the safe and secure transportation of gold and diamonds.

Tactical Drone Technology

Our drone technology and proprietory software adds another layer of security in your mining operation.

Alarm & Surveillance Systems

We sell bespoke alarm & surveillance systems tailor made to your specific risk analysis. One of our Security Risk Officers will glaldly assist you.

Alarm Systems

We sell high tech home & office alar, systems.

Surveillance Systems

We sell high tech home & office surveillance systems.

Industrial Safety & Security Systems

We sell high tech industrial safety & security systems.

We Value Our Relationships

Valued relationships are essential in effective security services!


Our Executive Management Team

Mr. Balde


Advocate Camara

Legal Officer

Mr. Meadway

Executive Consultant Drone Technology

Mr. Huisamen

Executive Consultant Strategic Services


We are always looking for men and women who want to start a career in security services. Join the Almata Community Watch Program and we will train and deploy you to one of our specialist brigades.

Almata Bulletin

Important Security News & Updates

The CEO of Almata Securite Guinea announced that a new Drone Surveilance […]

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